End of Year Litigation and Manual Corporate Filings – Get yours in early!

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Here are some helpful tips to remember in order to ensure the successful filing of all documents.


As the end of the year nears and as document filing needs become more urgent, remember that Cyberbahn is here to assist you with any filings that need to be registered with the Ministry of Government Services or filed with the various Courts. 

Keep in mind that during this time we experience an increase in demand for document filing and unfortunately we are faced with extreme delays at the various government offices. The average wait times for court document issuances, filings, reviews, copies and searches will be increased substantially.  


We encourage you to send all rush documents for filing as soon as possible and to clearly identify when the documents have to be filed.  Although every effort will be made to file all documents, those documents that have an expiring limitation will take priority over any other filings.

Here are some helpful tips to remember in order to ensure the successful filing of all documents: 

• If you are sending your documentation to us overnight via courier, please request 9:00 AM DELIVERY to ensure expedited filing. 

• For filing of corporate and litigation documents, cheques must be payable to the Minister of Finance and must have a pre-printed name and address (i.e., temporary cheques are not acceptable) 

• Check your documents for common deficiencies and make sure the correct number of documents are sent and that original signatures are in place in accordance with the applicable rules and/or regulations associated with your request. 

• All Limitation Periods must be clearly stated in your cover Letter/Memo to us.  

• Post-dating of your Ontario articles is available for up to 30 days in advance. 

If you are unsure of a requirement or timeline for completion of a task, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at your earliest convenience and they would be happy to provide answers to any questions you may have. 
Please remember to courier or mail all your corporate articles and litigation documents to:

Bay Adelaide Centre 
333 Bay Street 
Suite 400 
Toronto, Ontario 
M5H 2R2 


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