Simplify Life at Your Firm - Download Your Accounting Information

Have you seen the new “Accounting Download” feature to our Legal i Link Account Activity page? 

We have created a  feature to allow you to import transactional data directly into your internal accounting system.  This download feature will retrieve information from various fields and allow you to save the information into various formats.


We have taken all of your feedback and delivered a service that will allow you to:

  • Download 2 different report types:

                - Account Activity - Detailed report of all transactions

                - Order Summary - A summary of your order generated after every transaction

  • Select from 3 different formats: excel, PDF, txt
  • Select and customize the column fields that you wish to download into your report.  It will allow you to set preferences and save them for future use.
  • Sort the order in which the column fields will appear on your report
  • Use your internal part codes and descriptions instead of those of Cyberbahn.  You will have the ability to overwrite Cyberbahn part codes and descriptions with your internal part numbers which in turn will be reflected in your order summary report.
  • Add your firm information and your To and From Date
  • Add a transaction summary showcasing total transaction and total fees
  • Receive system generated emails with your accounting information.  It will contain the selected report(s) in the desired format
  • View invoices and generate reports online on the first business day of the new month.


To download your Account Activity: 

1. Click on the Finance Tab and select Account Activity

2. Select your From Date and To Date and click GO

3. Select the transactions that you would like to download

4. Select your document type and report format

5. Click on the download button

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