Simplify the Management of your Corporate Records

If your responsibility within your firm is to manage the organization’s corporate entities, surely you know that your minute books are only as good as your ability to keep them perfectly updated.  You are responsible for identifying and maintaining all of the information and making it available to everyone who requires access.  Not an easy task. A document may be sitting on someone’s desk after a client meeting; instructions may have been added but are still sitting on that same desk. Documents may have been pulled out and are now sitting in a tray in your file room.  Clients call and you need to advise them on something quickly, can you easily locate the minute book?  Sound familiar?

If you have minute books for many clients to manage, wouldn't it be nice, if you had one central location to manage all of the corporate entities and provide information immediately upon request?

Carswell Legal Solutions’ Corplink Data Record Management tool is the most efficient and reliable way to manage and track all your corporate entities filings.  It allows you to generate and import charter documents, by-laws, resolutions, extra provincial flings, agreements, forms and share certificates.  It allows you generate reports: corporate summaries, financial year end reports, expiry due date reports for agreements, filings and registrations, business names and extra-provincial filings.

What is the real advantage for you as the person responsible for managing all of this critical information?  You will be able to:

Locate and produce the most current documents or information as needed
Easily determine the most recent version of a document
Immediately generate an up-to-date electronic minute book
Easily generate a corporate summary uses to easily update your physical minute book
Respond to clients quickly and with accurate data

The added bonus?  Share minute book information electronically by giving the organization access to CorpLink’s Internet Reporter tool.   Your colleagues can view the minute book via the internet through Internet Reporter and generate the most up-to-date corporate summary and minute book while having the client sitting in the office.

You will gain efficiency and increase productivity – you will have better control of the creation and management of documents, you can ensure regulatory compliance more quickly which minimizes risk and more importantly, continue to provide a professional and efficient solution for your clients.  And who doesn't want that?

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