Top 5 Things to Increase Efficiency

With our suite of solutions, your firm can achieve efficiencies and maximize productivity in all your corporate and litigation tasks and within one environment.

1. Recover Costs and Increase Profitability – Enhanced Accounting* Feature 
Our unique new Enhanced Accounting* feature gives you an easier and more reliable way to capture chargeable costs and simplify bill preparation. 

2. Keep a Closer Eye on Limitations and Deadlines – Legal i Link
Submit and track the status of your litigation and corporate matter through Legal i Link. Securely view the status of your request online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere, anytime.

3. Streamline Workflows and Reduce Data Entry – PPSA solution
A streamlined PPSA solution to combine the registration, search and notification process. Within the same transaction, register a PPSA financing statement, retrieve a Post-PPSA Search and send out a Debtor Notification Letter to all debtors. Plus, register that same PPSA financing Statement across Canada, with just the click of a button. Simple-Fast-Convenient!

4. Simplify the Ordering Process, Save Time and Increase Accuracy – Security Searches Summarized
Request numerous security search reports over multiple jurisdictions. All within the same transaction. Search for individuals as well as business entities at the same time. 

5. Manage an Entire Corporate Record Throughout its Lifecycle – Entity Management Packages
Manage a corporation throughout its lifecycle from incorporation to organizational services and beyond. Full support is also available for ongoing maintenance of existing companies as well as proactive notification of next steps.

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