Real Estate Services to support your Due Diligence Tasks

When working on an asset purchase where real property is involved, or when you need to properly name a party to commence an action in court, it may be necessary to conduct a full search or subsearch to confirm title/ownership.

Carswell Legal Solutions can help you obtain information related to an address or current owner(s) of a property. We will obtain a copy of a parcel/abstract, consisting of a property’s legal description and a list of documents registered on land such as transfers/deed, charges/mortgages, liens, and easements.  We also search land in the Registry and Land Titles systems across Canada to determine ownership of lands and identify encumbrances registered on title.

See where your firm fits in and let us support you with the following:
Personal injury matter - determine the owner of lands on the date of injury 
Divorce proceeding – determine what lands may be owned individually and apart and what encumbrances may be owing.  
Divorce proceeding – register a certificate of pending litigation if court has granted the right via order
Constructions liens – determine where work was performed or materials supplied to and determine owner of lands in question
Construction lien registrations – include registration on title, release on title certificate of action on title
Litigation matters – utilize our real estate name search report when attempting to serve documents and are unsuccessful locating the party
Enforce judgments – utilize our name search report to determine assets
Corporate matters – confirm Condominium Corporations.  Confirm proper name of Corporation, enactment year and address of service  
Articles of Amendment/Amalgamations – register on title a notice of change for the owner
Notice of Lease - register on title after an agreement has been made.  The Notice of Lease may be registered by either the Landlord or Tenant.  
PPSA registrations – add further assurance to a PPSA registration where collateral is attached to the land by registering a notice of security on title

 In addition, the following “off-title” searches may be conducted all of which depend on the nature of the business carried out on the property and its location.  Searches such as:

  • Copy of tax certificates
  • Unregistered Hydro Easements
  • Cemeteries and Burial land searches
  • Building zoning searches
  • Indian land searches
  • Crown patent copies
  • Environmental searches
  • Fire Dept. compliance searches

Carswell Legal Solutions offers full service solutions to address ownership of land and encumbrances across Canada. Included with each search is a detailed letter indicating owner(s) of lands and address information along with additional tasks that may be required. 

We have the tools and resources to locate difficult piece of lands. You have the ability to send us sketches, maps or photos in order for our team to provide the results required without having to travel to the different land registry offices across Ontario.

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